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point? >> i would say that there are some great things about the new healthcare law. everyone knew that healthcare to to be reformed. one of the big issues is addressing healthcare costs versus how we deal with our medical care. they two different things. the good things are allowing the children to stay on your plan until they're 26 and -- >> my kids would love that. thank you. >> and they don't stay at home. my daughter's like how am i going to have health insurance. the great thing, they don't have to live at home. >> and we can pick them out in. >> and they would be on the plan. >> that is good for the parents. >> okay. >> and one of the big problems overall, is, one, the focus was on employer-response order healthcare. >> uh-huh. >> and i believe that we need to bring more to an individual market so patients are not tied to a job. >> uh-huh. >> and even though all employers would have to offer it, you still get tide in to a certain plan and who wants to pick up and leave and change and get a different plan. >> all right. >> and one of the things you're saying is since it's tie
pharmacy chain is taking an unusual step with its healthcare policy. cvs is ordering workers to disclose their weight and other health information or face fines. s. can they really do that? >> reporter: absolutely not, according to our experts who say cvs is in for a big legal battle if they try to move forward with this in california. the company is trying to stay ahead of the healthcare crisis by holding its 200,000 employees more accountable. cvs has been trying to encourage its employees to get healthy for years. now it's time for tough love with no apologies. the company announced today what it calls a plan for health, a mix of incentives and penalties. specifically employees must report their weight, body fat, cholesterol, blood sugar levels. if they refuse, workers must pay a $600 surcharge every year. those who smoke and qualify for re-- smoke qualify for rewards if they enter a quitting plan. >> the changes are about us, each of us taking personal accountability for our own health. >> what's your message? >> you better get some pretty good legal council and decide whether your
Search Results 0 to 1 of about 2